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Well, it’s that time of year again and the shortlist for the Sony World Photography Awards 2015 has been announced. The awards always contain an awesome selection of imagery from around the globe and this year’s book, when released, should keep me as good an eye feast, as previous years’ have. I didn’t make the shortlist this year but I am happy to be included in the top 50 of the open competition’s low light category. That category, in 2013, had over 50,000 submissions so to be included is an achievement in itself. I’ll post the two commended images below.

High Rollers

Whilst all of the images in the gallery are fascinating, it is Iskra Parvanova’s ‘Underpass’ that really catches my eye; a simple but striking image of an entrance to a Metro station in Sofia. The relatively simple composition of the everyday subject creates an abstract frame when coupled with the lighting, accentuating the subway, while shadows mask the surrounding world to further isolate the shape of the stairwell. The inclusion of the gentle sodium orange light adds colour and some context to the structure, resulting in an interesting, punchy image that gets my vote.


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